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25 March
United States
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i started this journal as a companion to my primary journal, st_theodora. i will use it primarily for writing about my spiritual life. i was inspired to do a lot of writing about my faith after watching "the passion of the christ," but thought it may be too much a change of pace for the readers of st_theodora. ours is a decidedly secular society, and most of my friends do not share my faith, so i understand that what i have to say what may make them uncomfortable.

i've allowed comments on these entries because i am curious to hear what you have to say, and i trust you.

i am a practicing roman catholic. despite my long list of problems with church policies, i choose to stay with the church because i believe that the creed, tenets and practices of the faith are true and lay out the path to salvation.

my primary journal is named after one of my heroines, the byzantine empress theodora (who is revered as a saint in the eastern orthodox church). this journal is named after the fourteenth century saint catherine of siena. she was a remarkable woman, a mystic and stigmatic who was mystically married to christ and wrote letters which demanded the attention of princes and popes. though she is usually dismissed by scholars as illiterate and uneducated, based on the writings of her confessor and hagiographer, catherine is increasingly recognized as a gifted intellectual in close touch with contemporary literary, philosophical and theological trends. the overarching theme of catherine's spiritual belief and practice is that an individual must pursue self-knowledge above all, and that understanding will assist in their rebirth into eternal life.